Agriculture Sector

Agriculture is the mainstay of about 70% people of Pakistan for their livelihood. But this vital sector of economy is facing serious crisis due to fast increasing soil and groundwater salinity, water logging and seawater intrusion in coastal areas of Sindh. Further, due to arid climate and hilly terrain and shortage of quality irrigation water, agricultural productivity is very low and most areas in Pakistan remain unclutivated. WME Consultants offer their services in following areas, which may lead to increased availability of farmland under cultivation leading to higher crops yield and increased income of farmers in the country

Current Services

  • Soil and irrigation water quality assessment.
  • Assessment of saline/sodic soils and their impact on agriculture. and their reclamation measures
  • Saline soil reclamation studies by adopting tile drainage, bio saline agriculture and agro mineral methods.
  • Feasibility studies for indentifing sites for water sheds and check dams and small dams to increase groundwater recharge and using stored water for irrigation and other purposes.
  • Reclamation studies for water logged soil which constitutes about 53% of total available land of Sindh.