Water, Minerals & Environmental (WME) Consultants

WME (Water, Minerals and Environmental) Consultants, a multidisciplinary professional and scientific consultancy firm is engaged in providing consultancy services in executing projects in the fields of soil, water, mining/mineral, environment, health & safety, vocational training etc. It oversees and helps its clients meet all industry requirements pertaining to various analyses, feasibility, and lab & testing services, environmental monitoring/assessments such as EIA/IEE and other certifications required by different regularity authorities/bodies.

We at WME Consultants have expertise to assist public/private sectors, national/international organizations & industries in formulating pragmatic policies and providing services to the best satisfaction of its clients.

WME Consultants is an affiliate of SEGMITE (Society of Economic Geologists and Mineral Technologists) which has a technical pool of large number of professional geoscientists, mining engineers and environmentalists based in Pakistan, Bangladesh, India and other parts of the world. SEGMITE publishes quarterly (online) International Journal of Economic and Environmental Geology (IJEEG) from University of Karachi, Pakistan.

SEGMITE (Society of Economic Geologists and Mineral Technologists) is a non-profit, non-governmental scientific organization founded in 1989 in Peshawar with the aim of sustainable development of water, mineral, petroleum and other energy resources. It also aims at promoting mining/mineral based industries and protection of the environment by taking services of its large number of highly qualified and professional scientists and technologits from Pakistan as well as many other countries. SEGMITE frequently organizes national & international conferences and training courses. It also publishes quarterly (Online) International Journal of Economic and Environmental Geology (IJEEG) from University of Karachi, Pakistan

Our Services

Water Sector

Pakistan faces severe shortage of water for drinking and domestic purpose and in all sectors of economy. It is feared that if necessary measures at all levels were not taken on emergency basis to resolve this problem, Pakistan’s present status “Water Stressed” will change to "Water Starved" country .....

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Minerals Sector

Pakistan is endowed with rich and large inventory of industrial rocks and minerals including a variety of precious and semi precious stones. Fuel mineral wealth of Pakistan mainly constitutes one of the world’s largest coal reserves which are suitable for thermal power generation......

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Environmental Sector

Man's environment constitutes mainly water, land and air, which are precious for sustaining human life as well as the sources for their food, livelihood, employment and recreation. However, Pakistan like many other developing countries has been experiencing serious environmental degradation......

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Agriculture Sector

Agriculture is the mainstay of about 70% people of Pakistan for their livelihood. But this vital sector of economy is facing serious crisis due to fast increasing soil and groundwater salinity, water logging and seawater intrusion in coastal areas of Sindh. Further, due to arid climate and hilly terrain and shortage.....

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Engineering Sector

Engineering Geology mainly deals with geological and geotechnical investigations for selecting sites for civil structures and suitability of construction materials for houses, roads, bridges, dams, multistory buildings and other infrastructural projects. The fast increasing urbanization and industrialization in recent.....

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Vocational Training

Pakistan is among few countries, where young people constitute majority of its population. Out of these young people both boys and girls are either out of schools/ colleges or rush towards degree awarding institutions, but often fail to get proper employment opportunities in the country......

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Wastewater Treatment

Pakistan and many other developing countries are facing serious shortage of fresh water for drinking, domestic, agricultural, industrial and other purposes. Water is the most mis-managed commodity in Pakistan, where recurrent floods and droughts, highly polluted fresh & marine water.....

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Solid Waste Management

Pakistan like other developing nations faces serious problems of safe disposal of solid wastes. The re-use of solid wastes and their recycling to increase national income also lack in Pakistan. Whereas recycling of organic (wet) and solid (dry) waste will lead to increased employment opportunities.....

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Renewable Energy

Our country has limited resources of hydrocarbons (oil/gas) and heavily depends on imports to meet its energy requirements. Though, our coal resources are huge, but remain mostly unexploited and thermal power generation is also in the infancy stage. In these circumstances, serious energy shortages are.....

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