About WME Consultants

WME (Water, Minerals and Environmental) Consultants, is a multidisciplinary professional firm engaged in providing services in executing projects in the fields of soil, water, mining/mineral, scientific & qualitative/quantitative research, engineering, environment, health & safety, quality & project managements and skilled manpower  sectors that help organizations steer forward to achieve sustainable solutions and success in the competitive market influenced by rapid change, innovation, and limited resources.


Our Mission

Our mission is eco-friendly scientific exploration, exploitation and optimum value added utilization of natural resources for ensuring better living standards of the people and development of regional and national economies.


Our Vision

Our organization is committed to best utilize its services for sustainable development of water and mineral resources and related industries for ensuring the socio-economic progress of the country and other parts of the world. WME Consultants will always strive for providing excellent services to it’s clients in most efficient, effective and professional way.

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