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Engineering Sector

Engineering Geology mainly deals with geological and geotechnical investigations for selecting sites for civil structures and suitability of construction materials for houses, roads, bridges, dams, highrise buildings and other infrastructural projects. The fast increasing urbanization and industrialization in recent decades has lead to fast expansion of housing societies, roads and also other infrastructures in the country.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) has been made mandatory by the government of Pakistan for all multistorey buildings, housing and other construction projects including huge infrastructures like highways, dams and tunnels in the country. Keeping in view the national building code, construction of houses and other civil structures should be earthquake resistant for ensuring safety of lives and property of people.

Current Services

  • Petrographic study of crush stone and sand for concrete mixed with asphalt for construction of roads/ highways.
  • Feasibility studies for Low cost housing and availability of building materials in plain or hilly areas of the country.
  • Site selection study for sanitary landfills for safe waste disposal and dams/tunnel and high rise buildings etc.
  • Seimological and other geohazards related studies for selection of sites of buildings and other mega structures to ensure safety of human lives and

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