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Mining & Mineral Sector

Pakistan is endowed with rich and large inventory of industrial rocks and minerals including a variety of precious and semi precious stones. Fuel mineral wealth of Pakistan mainly constitutes one of the world’s largest coal reserves which are suitable for thermal power generation.

The metallic mineral wealth is restricted to large deposits of high quality of gold, copper and lead-zinc in Balochistan province which largely remain underexpolited and underutilized.

In order to change the mineral wealth to national income and for providing increased employment opportunities to a large section of skilled, technical and high tech-manpower, it is necessary that Pakistan pays extraordinary attention to modernize its mining, mineral processing, chemical, fuel, gems and metallurgical industries. Moreover, diversified and value added mineral uses will lead to increased exports and imports substitution of mineral based products of locally available minerals, which will greatly benefit the national economy.

Current Services

  • Evaluation of mineral raw material for value added industrial applications
  • Mineral Exploration
  • Surface and underground mining
  • Mine Waste Water Management
  • Industrial rocks and Mineral Processing
  • Feasibility studies of industrial rocks and minerals based projects along CPEC route in Pakistan.
  • Feasibility studies of cement, mineral based chemicals, dimension stone, gemstone & decorative stone industries.


Current Services


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