Water, Minerals & Environmental
(WME) Consultants


Waste Water Treatment

Pakistan and many other developing countries are facing serious shortage of fresh water for drinking, domestic, agricultural, industrial and other purposes. Water is the most mis-managed commodity in Pakistan, where recurrent floods and droughts, highly polluted fresh & marine water bodies are common. Further, total dissolved salts, toxic elements (arsenic, fluorite, nitrate etc.), metals and sewage contaminated groundwater have also reduced the availability of fresh water for drinking, domestic and agriculture purposes.

Besides, common wasteful methods of irrigation and over extraction of groundwater for domestic and commercial purposes have also contributed significantly to the present water crises in the country. While reuse of water and primary, secondary or advanced treatment of domestic industrial and mine waste water are also lacking in Pakistan. WME Consultants have the technical expertise to assess the quality of surface and groundwater by identifing natural, microbiological and industrial pollutants and suggest remedial measures. Our company also offers best services to suggest water conservation methods (to save fresh water) and waste water treatment methods to encourage its reuse for various purposes to overcome the water shortage in the country.

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