Water, Minerals & Environmental
(WME) Consultants


Environmental Sector

Man’s environment constitutes mainlywater, land and air, which are precious for sustaining human life as well as the sources for their food, livelihood, employment and recreation.

However, Pakistan like many other developing countries has been experiencing serious environmental degradation in the form of polluted surface water and groundwater, sewage contamination, soil and groundwater salinity, water logging and air pollution, particularly in urban areas of the country.

As a result in most parts of the country, drinking water quality is very poor due to unprotected surface water bodies, which are highly polluted by industrial, agricultural and sewage wastes. Whereas, groundwater is either highly saline or polluted due to elevated concentrations of dissolved salts, toxic natural elements like arsenic, fluoride and metals (lead, zinc etc.) Further, sewage contamination due to unlined sanitation mostly in rural areas of the country, where unsewered sanitation among other anthropogenic factors trigger arsenic and fluoride leaching from the sediments into aquifers, which causing groundwater pollution and resulting in chronic diseases among childern and adults in Pakistan and other developing countries.

Current Services

  • Air pollution
  • Environmental Impact Assessment of Industries, Oil / Gas, Wells, High rise buildings, Tunnels, Dams, High ways, Industrial or Infrastructural projects at sea coast.
  • Soil pollution and reclamation of degraded soil
  • Drinking water quality and health impacts
  • Solid waste Management.
  • Health and Safety
  • Hazard risk assessment and mitigation measure
  • Site selection study for sanitary landfills
  • Industrial pollution and recycling of industrial wastes
  • Climate Change
  • Desertification
  • Geological and Environmental Impact studies of Earthquakes, floods, droughts, landslides and Glacial Lake Outbursts Floods (GLOF) and highways in mountainous terrain.
  • Flood Management
  • Disaster Management

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